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Bulk Liquid Solutions provides the highest quality and safest flexitank system to ship a wide variety of liquid cargo around the world.

Our flexitanks are specially crafted to provide you with the finest bulk liquid packaging and supply chain solutions for road, rail or sea. 10 years of experience makes us a market leader in identifying the perfect propriety barrier solutions to package your cargo safely. We take utmost care of your requirements on compatibility, contamination, oxygen permeation, odour migration etc.

Our flexitanks are extensively used world-wide to transport non-hazardous liquids, both for industrial use and food application, available in capacities ranging from 16000 litres to 24000 litres. Most commonly shipped items are food, edible and animal oils and fats, juices concentrates, juices, syrups, water, wine, food additives, pharmaceutical, oils, malt, sorbitol, industrial oils, additives, cleaning liquid, emulsions, glycerine, ink, fertilizers, latex, etc.

Choose Bulk Liquid Flexitanks

Market Leaders

Delivering across the globe. Unparalleled performance levels across market sectors. Capacities range from 16,000 litres to 24,000 litres.

Quality Assurance

Our raw materials & finished products are fully validated by various certifications and each of our tank is inspected thoroughly before sending it to the customer. 


Safety & Reliability

Our Flexitanks deliver your shipment in the safest and most reliable way. With each tank we strive to achieve the highest quality.


Research & Development

Our R&D department continuously assess the market needs to develop solutions for safe transportation of your liquid.




Installation & Filling of Flexi Tank

We have experienced professionals dedicated to show you how simple it is to load the liquid cargo. They assist and guide you through every step. Our associate offices across the world employ only the best-in-class experts.


Unloading the Flexi Tank

We have a strong network worldwide. We offer easy unloading services in most parts of the world.


Installation of Accessories

We analyse the nature of every cargo and recommend necessary accessories (Bulk Head, Thermal Liner, Heater Pad or PE Bin) that should be installed for better safety –ensuring safe delivery of cargo to its destination sans any environmental contamination like oxidation, temperature changes etc.


Serving Different Sectors


Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Ammonium Thiosulphite, Multi-grade Mineral Lubricant, Adhesive/White Glue, Multi-grade Motorcycle Lubricants, Base Oils Monograde, Mineral Lubricant, Biodiesel / Methyl Ester, Natural Latex, Castor Oil, Optical Brightener, Detergents, Cashew Nut Shell Liquid, Emulsions, Plasticizers [limited], Glycerine [crude/refined]


Food & Beverage

Animal Oils, Molasses, Beer Syrup Concentrate, Palm Oils/Fats, Coconut Oil, Peanut Oil, Corn Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Dark Soy Sauce, Sauces, Egg– Liquid, Soya Bean Oil, Emulsifier, Sugar, Flat Beer Syrup, Fish Oil/Sauce, Vegetable Oils, Fruit Juices, Water, Glucose, Wine, Jam, Olive Oil


Oil & Gas

Polyol, Glycol, Silicate Binder, Fatty Acids/Alcohols, Surfactants, Furnace Oil, Synthetic Latex, Hair Shampoos, Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Lanolin, Transformer Oil, Lube Oils, Water Based Paints, Mineral Oils, White Oils




The metal bulk head with a unique design offers the cargo greater safety. Our most popular design includes two bars supplied as one unit. This helps in providing enhanced protection to the valve during transportation



Manufactured out of PP laminated with MET and PET, provides excellent insulation and barrier properties. It acts as a robust interface protection between the walls of the container and the flexi tank. Can be envisaged in box form or blanket form.



Designed and engineered specifically to use with our flexi tank, to ensure the product can be brought to a liquid state when the customer needs to unload the product. Its user friendly design enables ease in installation.



The most innovative solution which addresses multiple problems in a smart way. PE Bin is made up of polyethylene and is used to encapsulate the flexi tank inside a 20ft. container. This addresses the problem of loss of liquid due to leakage from the flexi tank and replaces the conventional paper dressing.


In an ISO 9001 certified production facility


Food and Drug Administration


Container Owners Association


ISO 9001:2008 certified



TTCI Rail Road Test

TTCI Rail Road Test