Container Liners

At BLS, we take a step forward to analyse requirements and tailor make the liners to go with our containers. This makes us a one stop shop for safe shipment.

Our Container Liners are made from strong, durable, light weight, coated or non-coated, woven or non-woven food grade polyethylene. They are manufactured in clean, hygienic conditions to ensure best-in-class quality.

Container Liners create an inner skin inside the walls of the container, protecting the cargo as well as the container against potential contamination and seals out water completely. These are used to transport a vast range of bulk chemicals and foods.
They are fast to install, load and discharge and are tailored to all filling and discharging systems. The liners are of highest quality, reliable in terms of performance and are the best choice as they result in nearly 80% cost savings.

BLS container liners come in standard sizes for 20’ and 40’ containers and can be custom designed for various loading and discharge applications. Custom options include sift proof seams, hemmed seams, conductive fabric, elastic ties and webbing.

These liners are used for safe transport of a wide range of bulk products: fertilizers, cement, minerals, chemicals, food grade items, polymer granules etc.

Advantages of using Bulk Liquid Container Liners

  • Protection of product & containers
  • Customized Solutions
  • Savings in packaging costs
  • Higher load percentages/ Minimized packaging waste
  • Easy installation
  • Time & Labour savings
  • Quality Assurance
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